Must have mobile apps in the Netherlands

5 must have Apps in the Netherlands

5 must have Apps in the Netherlands

These 5 must have Apps help you to survive in the Netherlands! What is your favourite one?


Cycling through The Netherlands and then bam! Surprise, another shower? Buienrader is one of the must-have apps in the Netherlands if you want to survive the weather and stay dry. The app provides a 2, 3 and 24-hour forecast/radar view on showers (buien) depending on your location!


You know how it goes, it’s a Sunday and you just don’t feel like cooking… You also don’t want to go out for a meal, because you are nice and cosy. You are laying in your Onesie on the couch… !

But you just moved to the Netherlands…Where do you order food?

There are several food delivery services in the Netherlands, of course, you can also walk up to the Chinese on the corner… but the couch just doesn’t want to let go of you.
In that case, I would recommend thuisbezorgd.nl, it is like any food delivery service, they have a website but also a mobile app. Enter your location, search for a restaurant you like, pay and eat, More than 7.000 restaurants are connected to thuisbezorgd.nl.


A couple of weeks and the first festivals are starting 🙂 You’ve been busy making new friends...and they’ve invited you to join them at this festival.

Guess what? Sold out!

TicketSwap will be your saviour! Second-hand tickets are safely bought and sold via this platform. You can even post a request. Also super useful if the event has not sold out, often that means any sellers set their prices less than even the original cost, thus you save money. Saving money makes you very Dutch!

Tikkie (App only)

Going Dutch (splitting the bill) made easy. With Tikkie you can send your friends payment requests over WhatsApp or other social media accounts. The Dutch really Tikkie the sh*t out of each other and they will do the same with you! So better get it installed as soon as possible.


Done with biking all around town? 9292 is a daily source of travel information for public transport (openbaar vervoer). It brings together the information from all public transport providers in the Netherlands (bus, tram, metro & train).

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