Dating Dutch woman

7 don’ts: First date with a Dutch woman

7 don’ts: First date with a Dutch women

I know… we are (probably) tall, blond, funny, independent and did I mention funny? Or in summary just amazing 😛 But, how to date Dutch women? Or maybe even better.. What not to do on your first date?

1. Let us pay the bill (or go Dutch).

I understand this might confuse you. We will probably say that we want to share the bill (or maybe even that we want to pay for it). Just never ever let us pay! Don’t even make it an option that we pay (and also don’t send us a Tikkie).

2. Put your calories in your fitness app.

Yes, we do want you to look fit (or even better have a six pack), but we don’t want you to put in your calories in your calorie-counter. Or even worse, say you can’t have another beer because you will go ‘over your calories for the day’. It makes us feel fat ourselves. Besides that just leave us in the delusion that you are super fit without doing anything. We leave you in the delusion that we look the same without make-up and that our poop smells like flowers 😛

3. Tell us how awesome you are.

We love confident men, actually, we wouldn’t go out with a guy who is doubting himself. But, just keep it to yourself how great you are... We will figure it out ourselves (hopefully). This date is all about us! So, keep showing your interest in us..!

4. Not laugh at our jokes!

Okay maybe, but really maybe, one in every ten jokes is not as funny as we think. Just laugh about it. And, laugh like you mean it.

5. Tell us we need a man for it.

Parking our car, hanging up a lamp, building a wardrobe... Don’t tell us we need a man for it.  Of course, you can offer to help us... But never ever tell us we need you!

6. Act surprised when we order a beer.

Beer only for men? What..! Go away with your traditional man-woman ideas! We can drink beer, eat bitterballen and play soccer as well!

7. Don’t take us to a super fancy or boring place

We are just casual, the chance that we show up in a sweater and sneakers is pretty high (except when you tell us to do otherwise). So take us to a cool place, a bar or restaurant which is hip. Take us to an arcade bar (like TonTon Club) or something else that is hot and happening in the city!

Veel plezier (Have fun!)

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