Everything you need to know about buying a house in the Netherlands

Buy a house in the Netherlands

I want to buy a house in the Netherlands.. what should I know?

Done with renting an apartment or do you have money to invest? Buying a house in the Netherlands is, in that case, might be a pretty good option.

Step by step guide towards buying your house in the Netherlands

Finding your dream house can take up quite some time, especially if you are a bit picky. I hope these steps will help you with finding a new home as soon as possible.

1. Contacting a Mortgage Broker (or Bank)

Opting for a mortgage is one of the most important things that you have to do when you want to buy a house in the Netherlands. First of all, you want to know how much money you can borrow so you also know what kind of house you can afford (a small apartment or a 'herenhuis'). If you already want an estimation you can check out Hypotheek berekenen. There are several types of mortgages and not all mortgages are suitable for expats. Most mortgages in the Netherlands are for a period of 30 years. At this page, I will tell you more about mortgages in the Netherlands. Personally, I would recommend using a mortgage broker since they represent multiple banks.

2. Conduct research on house prices

So now you know what you can spend, you can also decide where to spend it on. For instance, if you want to buy an apartment in Amsterdam this will cost you (depending on the size of course) around €300,000 for the same price you have a whole house (maybe even a villa) in Friesland. A good idea is to do some research on Funda (the most well known real estate website/app - of the Netherlands). You can also do a check here on the value of a house with their value checker (Dutch).

3. Get a  Real Estate Agent

Especially if you are not very familiar with the city you are going to live yet. I recommend getting a real estate agent, they will know what kind of neighbourhood will suit your requirements.
Currently, the Dutch housing moment is overheated, this means that the turnover speed by which houses get on the market and are getting sold is super high (in Amsterdam sometimes even in a week.  A good real estate agent often knows houses which get on the market before they are published on real estate websites like Funda.

4. Research the neighbourhood you’d be living in

Have you found a neighbourhood that you like? Go out and check it out on several times of the day (don't just blindly trust your real estate agent). Maybe it seems like a quiet street but you never know, maybe it is very busy in the evenings. Another thing which might be good to check how easy it is to reach your location (eg. bus stops, parking places etc).

5. Viewing of the property

Make sure your broker takes you to several properties in different neighbourhoods. It is always good to have a comparison before you make a big decision like buying a house.

6. Get a proper survey on the house

Of course, you check out yourself if the property looks good, but sometimes there can be hidden defects. In general,  a real estate agent will help you with getting a proper survey done on the house. You do have to pay for it, but believe me, you don't want to take the risk.

7. Inform your agent

Do you want to go ahead and buy the house, let your agent know as soon as possible. As mentioned before the turnover of houses can be very high (depending on the city). Nowadays it is also quite normal to pay more than the price that the house was listed for.

8. Terms of your contract

Your real estate agent will help you with this, but double check the terms in the contract. Make sure that there is stated that you will only buy the property if you can get it financed. Otherwise, if the bank doesn't want to lend you the money you are in trouble.

9. Hire a notary

In order to have your name on the house, a notary is required for the transfer. Often your real estate agent or mortgage broker has a notary they prefer to work for. If this is not the case you can go to notarisoffertes.com and submit your necessary details. Several notary offices will get your request and you can compare their price. A good notary will cost you between €700-€2000.

10. Get your house insured

Congratulations you own a house! It is a good idea to get an' inboedelverzekering' to secure your home against burglars, fire etc. At Pricewise you can find the best deals.

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