Celebrate Kingsday

Celebrate Kingsday

8 tips to get most out of your Kingsday

In my previous article ‘6 tips to prepare for Kingsday’ I helped you to prepare for this crazy Dutch day! In this article, I will help you to get the most out of your Kingsday.  

1. Get small change to buy stuff

The flea markets are really a big thing on Kingsday, you can buy everything (from old skis to a chair and even just a lot of kids toys)... For the ones who are not that much into ‘preloved’ stuff, you can also buy drinks and food. People just sell this to each other (sometimes businesses), so it is important that you have enough cash / small change with you!

2. Get to the city early

If you don’t live in a city but you do want to go to the city for Kinsday (especially if you want to go to Amsterdam). Leave on time. I am not talking about 8 am in the morning of course, but it always gets super busy in the trains (even though there are more trains on Kingsday) and in the city. If you are coming to Amsterdam for the flea markets, it is a good idea to come early to Kind the real ‘gems’.

3. Selling during Kingsday  

Do you want to sell your ‘once cherished’ stuff on Kingsday? Reservation is the key, I’ve heard of people reserving their spots at 6 am! You’ll see though that people have chalked their space days, even weeks in advance. Use sidewalk chalk or another way of marking your spot, you can try doing this even the day before. But, if you are not there… somebody else might steal your spot.

4. Eat anything orange

You’ve bought a lot of orange food and drinks. Of course, you should eat and drink it, share it with friends… Did you buy too much? Go ahead and sell it!

5. Play some games

During Kingsday you can play a lot of games from seeing how much candy you can put in your mouth to trying to squash a tomato. Believe me, you will have lots of fun especially after a couple of drinks! Again, you need small change for this.

6. Have a full phone battery

It will be busy on the streets so you might have to call your friends in case you lost them. Besides that, you want to take lots of pictures and you might need to use your maps app too!

7. Walking around a lot

If you go to Amsterdam or any other major city you will be walking a lot and in the afternoon probably dancing! Make sure you wear comfy shoes!

8. Busy streets

It is not only busy in the trains, but also on the streets. If you don’t like big crowds of people, Amsterdam might not be the city for you. Of course, you can also go to the less busy parts of Amsterdam. Since it will be busy, watch out for pickpockets!

Whoooo…tonight is already Kingnight!  

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