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10 Cool things (March) – from a Dutch local for expats!

10 - Cool things to do in the Netherlands (March)  for expats

What is it like to live in the Netherlands?

I would like to give you a small insight into the things I do in my spare time (this month in and around Amsterdam). Hopefully, it helps you to imagine better how it is to live in the Netherlands. If you are already living in the Netherlands, maybe these activities give you some ideas that you didn’t already know about. Everything I have done is really suitable for expats in the Netherlands.

1.Coffee date @Koffiespot

I visited Koffiespot, a small (but busy) coffee bar in the Jordaan (Amsterdam). Really good coffee. Believe me, I am not easy to please.

2. Play pool @Cafe de keu

A long time ago since I played, and I am really far from being a pro! A good way to catch up with an expat friend from Singapore, and do something at the same time. They have very kind staff!

3. Museum about microbes @Micropia (next to Artis)

This museum displays the microscopically small life of micro-organisms. Very interesting and it might make you ‘itch’ 😛 You can get skip the queue tickets via Tiquet .

4. Concert @Melkweg

I went to a concert from Zak Abel at the Melkweg, this is a small cosy concert hall. You can get tickets via Ticketmaster or TicketSwap (read more about this in my article about Apps)

5. Lunch @Anne&Max

In general, I don’t like chain restaurants, but you can’t go wrong with Anne&Max. All their restaurants have a ‘living room’ feel, great to catch up with family or friends. Expat friendly since their staff speaks

6. Trampoline park @Jumpsquare

An enjoyable and fun way to stay fit 🙂 I did a fitness class, but you can also just bounce around (also fun to do if you are an expat family with kids!).

5. Visit Haarlem and the Jopenkerk

Haarlem is a super cute and pretty city. It has a similar feel to Amsterdam but less busy and touristy. If you like craft beer visit the Jopenkerk for beer-tasting or beer pairing, located in a cool church (kerk). Again super 'expat friendly'

6. Brunch @Staring at Jacob

To get your New York brunch, don’t worry if your Dutch isn’t all that! The staff here speaks perfect English and the menu is great! You can easily make it a boozy brunch too 😛

7. Beer brewing @home

I see a certain theme in my life 😉 Home brewing is hot and happening (and fun!), order you home brew kit at Brouwland.

8. Celebrating hump day @l’affiche

A real typical Dutch ‘brown cafe’ (bruin cafe). A very cosy and chill traditional Amsterdamsch cafe! (BTW, the Dutch don’t really know hump day... Time to introduce it to them!)

Proost! (Cheers)

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