FF- Reuse your tea bag

FF- Reuse your tea bag

Every other Friday I tell you one of my ‘Fuck-ups’. Hopefully, this saves you from some super awkward and embarrassing moments.

Regularly I organise Meetups / Facebook events to meet (new) expats in the Netherlands. I am their first Dutch Friend and try to help them, with questions regarding settling down in the Netherlands, questions regarding visas, housing but also the Dutch culture and habits.

I met a lovely Italian lady who had just relocated from London to Amsterdam. I ordered a tea and when my tea was empty I wanted to reorder another one. I was ‘complaining’ that I always find it such a waste to order a new tea... They can just give me another cup of hot water right?

I got a little weird look…

Apparently, it is a very Dutch thing to reuse your tea bag. Not so much in a bar, that is true. But definitely at home. I mean, really… you will still get flavour after you even used the tea bag for 3 times...

I discussed this point with several expats in the Netherlands and with some Dutchies.

Indeed, teabags are not super expensive, so yes you can get a new teabag every time. But according to the Dutch, why would you?

Ha ha… ! What do you do? Reuse your tea bag or get a new teabag every time?

One thought on “FF- Reuse your tea bag

  1. Might be an efficient way to drink tea but then the tea bags contain the most cheapest and least considered by-product of tea production. Fine dust and shavings. Usually many countries might have their own tea plantations and the premium product, leaves as whole in the tea have the deep color and better taste.

    I have myself seen many Dutch friends and my Dutch girl-friend re-using the tea bag over and over agin. It need not get disposed but once you try the tea leaves and make tea, Tea bags are of the past for you.

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