Dutch Easter Traditions

5. Dutch Easter traditions explained

5 Dutch Easter traditions explained

The Easter bunny is on its way, so it is about time to learn more about just some of the Dutch Easter traditions! Consider this just to fresh-up your brain a little. At Easter, we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus from the dead (possibly just super hungover).

1. Dutch Easter-fires

Having a “paasvuur” (Easter fire or bonfire) is an old ritual which is known in several parts of Europe. These large fires don’t happen in the city anymore and you have to go to a rural area like Espelo, to find a large impressive fire.

2. The Dutch Easter Bunny

The Dutch, like the most Europeans, have their happy Easter bunny hopping around as well. Though sadly, the Easter Bunny doesn’t have anything to do with Christianity, apparently it was a German migrant who introduced the Easter Bunny... So instead of a Dutch Easter bunny, it is actually a Deutsch Easter bunny (read more).

3. Easter eggs

Given the Dutch love their eggs, no longer a surprise after you learned about the ‘zakspannertje’ in my last post. The Dutch also love to hide their eggs, find their eggs and even paint them... In general, they do the hide and find with the chocolate Easter eggs, so that this game doesn’t become too messy (except for when you forget about them and summer comes around).

4. Dutch Easter home decoration

In the Netherlands, we often have a ‘paastak’ in our homes. Directly translated it is an ‘Easter-branch’. It is as it suggests, a branch in a vase, decorated with Easter stuff such as little eggs and little Easter bunnies.

5. Dutch Easter Breakfast / Brunch

Easter typically revolves around family in the Netherlands. In general, we have a large breakfast or brunch (together with ‘the egg festivities’), especially where young children involved.  On the table you can find:

  1. The ‘paasstol’,  a raisin-bread with almond paste inside( NOT DIET PROOF!)
  2. Eggs… (no… really?)
  3. Matzes, flatbread crackers of Jewish origin
  4. Easter ‘decoration stuff’, such as; Easter napkins, little Easter bunny statutes, special Easter plates… the Dutch go wild 😉

Vrolijk Pasen! Happy Easter!

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