Dutch festivals for expats

5 tips for expats going to Dutch festivals

5 tips for expats going to Dutch festivals

For me, I can honestly say that one of the best things about living in the Netherlands as an expat (or not) is going to festivals! It is always a little difficult to be objective when it comes to your own culture and habits.

As in many countries (I assume) there are different kind of festivals, food festivals, music festivals, I don’t know, yoga festivals... Give it a name. I believe that here in the Netherlands we are in particular ‘famous’ for our music festivals.

It’s kind of a cultural thing, I grew up going to festivals? I think the first time I went to a large music festival was when I went to ‘Mysteryland’, I joined my sister (together with a friend) and her group of friends. We rented all together a party bus, back then I still lived in a little village (Nootdorp).

Wow, it was huge, so many people, different stages, so much to do and to see! I loved it!

How to find the festival you like?

Although I loved ‘Mysteryland’. I wouldn’t go there again, for me, it is too big. There are so many different kind of festivals. First, you should decide if you want to go to a festival which is multiple days like Lowlands, Pinkpop or for instance Down the rabbit hole. These festivals often have a wider range of music types. If you want to go to a one-day festival, I would like to suggest that you check out the line-up and probably where the festival is. The agenda of festival fans and Facebook can be useful too. Besides, checking where your (expat) friends are going.

5 tips to make the most out of your festival

1. Check the line-up before.

Especially when you go to larger festivals, it is good to know beforehand which DJ or artist is playing where. They can get busy, and whilst I prefer smaller ones, if you do like a DJ, Band or Singer at a larger one, then you’ll have to go to that stage in advance!

2. Stand-out in the crowd

Dress up funny and crazy, the crazier the better. Not such a big fan of dressing up? At least put some glitter on your face!

3. Don’t lose your locker code…

Well, this doesn’t need a lot of imagination. You all share a locker and one person gets the little card with the pin-code on it… but I thought you had it? Take picture of it or write it down on your arm (the number of the locker and the code).

4. Take a bottle cap

To be honest, I always forget this one myself. If you order water, they never give you the cap (I believe it is so that you can’t throw a full bottle in the public (and hurt others). Of course, you are a super nice person. So bring a cap and fill up your bottle at the free water spots (saves some $$ 🙂 (Dutch Money-saving 101!)

5. Use earplugs

At the festival, you might not even notice, but when you get home you hear this constant beep… Use earplugs and when you use them from the start, you barely notice it (in the music difference).

Veel plezier! (Have fun!)

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