Expat Friendly

expat friendly approved

'Expat Friendly' approved!

Expat friendly businesses:

  • Good service
  • Expats pay the same price as locals 
  • If you don't speak Dutch (or not so well) that is not a problem!

These businesses are 'expat friendly' approved: 


Expat friendly Dutch language

The Dutch language, should you learn it or not?

The Dutch language, should you learn it or not?  Let’s assume you are an expat living in the Netherlands or soon will be.. You are planning to stay here for a while, not forever but

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Expat friendly bookkeepers

Brand bookkeepers – expat friendly approved

Brand Bookkeepers – Expat friendly! Otto Paul Brand is definitely ‘expat friendly’ approved! And this picture is very serious… he is a nice guy! Why is Otto ‘expat friendly’? He has been an expat himself

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Spallys expat friendly approved

Spallys – expat friendy kickboxing

‘Expat friendly’ kickboxing training Leroy or ‘Spallys’ is a really good trainer! He looks tough, but he is super nice and friendly too! About Spallys My name is Leroy Spalburg and I had my first

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