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FF- Expat help -> what is that spreadable red meat stuff?

FF- Expat help -> what is that spreadable red meat stuff? 

Every other Friday I tell you one of my ‘Fuck-ups’. Hopefully, this saves you from some super awkward and embarrassing moments.

It was my expat friend from Australia who actually asked me this. I was asking her what she thought about living here in the Netherlands and if there was anything about the Dutchies that was ‘weird’ or different. We were talking about that there is often referred to the Dutch as ‘cheap’ or ‘thrifty’. 

She started sharing a story about her lunch earlier that week. In her company they get a ‘lunch allowance’, all the expats buy whatever they like and top up the rest if they go over the ‘lunch allowance’. But really all my Dutch colleagues buy a couple of ‘boterhammen’ and this kind of red meat spread... What is this even? 

Uhm… filet americain..? Since the ‘name’ is in English(ish)... I thought it was an international thing (they just didn’t have it in the countries where I had lived..?)...oops….. 

For the ones who haven’t been in touch with filet americain yet... It is a raw finely ground beef (like steak) and you can eat it with for instance pepper, egg or in my case sambal (spicy sauce).

When I am writing this it actually doesn’t sound great. But to be honest I quite like it... If you eat it. Please be careful that it has been cooled well. Since it is raw it can make you very sick.. 

Vind jij filet americain lekker of niet? 

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