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10 things to do (April) from a Dutch local for expats!

10 things to do (April) from a Dutch local for expats!

Are you a new expat in the Netherlands? Perhaps you’re an expat already living in the Netherlands? Every month I will give you a ‘peek’ into my life and tell you the things I’ve done. Hopefully, this helps you to get a better perspective on things you can do as an expat in the Netherlands and how it is to live in the Netherlands.

1. Expat photoshoot @Fleyeonthewall

If you follow me on Instagram (expat_help_nl_ri_direction), you’ll have already seen some cool pictures made by Gerda. She’s a real ‘Amsterdammer’! With her expat photoshoot, she’ll show you the city and take beautiful spontaneous pictures of you! A great way to show your friends in your home country what you are up to!  

2. Lunch @Piqniq

When you go out for a meal, do you have difficulties in choosing what to eat? I feel your pain! At Piqniq, you can pick a variety of small sweet and savoury dishes to create your own breakfast or lunch! Mjam mjam!

3. Classes @theconsciousclub

“You have to slow down to speed up”, there are a lot of quotes like that. Especially as an expat, we all want to progress and stand out at work, equally we want to make new friends! The conscious club is really expat friendly since (most) classes are in English!  

4. Beer pairing @beerlovesfood

As you might know by now, I love craft beers! Similar to drinking wine, you can (or maybe should) match your food with beer. Beer pairing is super social, and something great to do with your (expat) friends!

5. Weekend getaway(s) @London

Are you an expat from outside Europe? Amsterdam is right in the middle of so many great countries and as such weekends away, like a short flight or train to London is a must.You can read more on my blogpost , However take my advice, its best not to get your driving license and phone stolen!

6. Language cafe @koentact

Meet other expats and help each other along with practicing your (Dutch) language?! Koentact is not only a language school but a great way to make new (expat) friends too!

7. Festivals @DGTL

Are you into music and art? Visit DGTL, they make a sustainable impact on the global festival landscape! Disclosure gave away a great show!  

8. Pool & table tennis @Plan B

Do you want to have a fun and chill evening with friends? Visit plan B, you can play pool and table tennis in a relaxed setting!

9. Ecstatic dance @marktkantine

Are you up to do something a little different? Dance and don’t care about anything! High on tea and life!

10. Kingsday@Amsterdam

Can I say that this is the event of the year in the Netherlands? Flea markets, dressing up in orange, dancing around, that is what Kingsday in Amsterdam looks like! Are you an expat new in the Netherlands? This is how you celebrate Kingsday and how prepared for next year! You will know how to survive Kingsday in the Netherlands for next year 🙂 

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