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10 things to do (May) from a Dutch local for expats!

10 things to do (May) from a Dutch local for expats!

Are you a new expat in the Netherlands? Perhaps you’re an expat already living in the Netherlands? Every month I will give you a ‘peek’ into my life and tell you the things I’ve done. Hopefully, this helps you to get a better perspective on things you can do as an expat in the Netherlands and how it is to live in the Netherlands.

1. Dinner @Lafalote

The parents of my English expat boyfriend were visiting us. Because of this, it was time for some traditional Dutch food. Lafalote is definitely ‘Dutch’ priced, the owner (and chef), if lucky, will entertain you with traditional Dutch songs while playing the accordion, which was incredible. The atmosphere really made the restaurant! Though I must be honest Moeders is still my favourite traditional Dutch cuisine restaurant in Amsterdam.

2. Visit the @Keukenhof  (Sorry, it is closed now)

The Dutch tulips at the Keukenhof were beautiful, although it is a tourist attraction as well. As an expat living in the Netherlands, you should definitely add this to your “bucket list”. The Keukenhof opens again on the 21st of March 2020. I do have to say that it was really busy, however, luckily I had bought my ‘skip the queue’ tickets via musement.

3. Coffee @thesandwichbar

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll already know that I ‘expat friendly’ approved the Sandwich bar! Great staff and with amazing sandwiches.  

4. Beach Volley @Beevee Strand

As an expat in the Netherlands, this might sound ridiculous...I love to play beach volleyball. Yes, sometimes it can be cold… so I wear ‘Sand socks’ to keep my feet warm.

5. Hire, Fix or Buy a bike @Alex_bikes

For sure not a ‘fun’ thing to do. But this is Amsterdam, and we bike everywhere, so having a bike is essential! Bikes always break down at the wrong moment, you are on your way to work a meeting whatever… it really puts you in a bad mood. Lucky Alex cheers you up! He even gives you a temporary bike if/when needed. Alex also customizes bikes, according to him  ‘everything is possible’. Of course, he is ‘expat friendly’ approved as well.

6. Amsterdam expat meetup group @Bar Bukowski

A great way to meet expats in (and around) Amsterdam. It can be overwhelming to go all alone to an event, but this group really makes you feel very welcome! Even as a Dutchie I was super welcome! Join them next time for a drink!

7.  Kickboxing @Spallys

After a night of drinking with the expats in the Netherlands, it is time to sweat all that alcohol out again! Leroy, will really help you to do this! He’s a great guy, who constantly offers advice for your technique whilst making sure you work hard... He looks tough, he is a super nice and friendly too! Of course, he is expat friendly approved!

8. Weekend away @Berlin

As you might know, I was an expat in Berlin. This month I went back for a long weekend! I really love this city (and the weather was way better compared to the Netherlands). Read all my tips on this perfect expat weekend getaway in Berlin!

9. Movies @Tuschinski

This is cinema (in Amsterdam) was founded in 1921 by a Polish tailor named Abraham Tuschinski. It is really the most beautiful cinema in the Netherlands. You can take a tour there..or just see a movie!

10. Ri-direction event @l’affiche

My first Ri-direction event! Super nice to meet you all and help you with giving you some direction!


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