Berlin expat weekend trip

Get out of Amsterdam, and into Berlin! The perfect expat weekend getaway.

Get out of Amsterdam, and into Berlin! The perfect expat weekend getaway.

So as you’ll probably know by now, I too was once an expat. Luckily for this section, one of those occasions was in Berlin. As you can read in my blog post ‘An expat in Berlin’. I had an amazing time discovering Berlin when I lived there. Which is why I am super excited to be going back to Berlin this weekend! If you are an expat in the Netherlands, Berlin is a great city if you further want to explore Europe. Be sure to keep up to-date-on all my adventures via Instagram!

Berlin - what to expect?

So you are an expat in the Netherlands, what kind of difference can you expect when you visit Berlin?

  • Weather; similar to the Netherlands, slightly less rain and wind. In summer warmer than the Netherlands and in winter colder than the Netherlands
  • Sightseeing; Cycling in Berlin is definitely an option, it is still less common to cycle there compared to Amsterdam. So watch out!
  • Streets; depending on which area you are in, Berlin has a lot of street art. I really like it and makes the streets look very raw!
  • Food; Berlin has a lot of influences from foreigners/expats, you can eat great Asian and Northern African food.
  • Costs; Berlin is slightly cheaper compared to Amsterdam, especially true when eating out.
  • Safety; the streets in Berlin might look darker compared to Amsterdam. I believe the safety is similar, watch out for small crime like pickpockets.
  • People; kind, especially the elder people, similar to smaller towns in the Netherlands, they don’t have amazing English, but you will easily ‘survive’ 😉 I also believe that people in Berlin care less what others think compared to Amsterdam, people wear really what they want. Even if that is a yellow banana-suit.

Travel - from Amsterdam to Berlin

Berlin has two airports, Tegel (TXL) and Schönefeld (SXF) they are both pretty central. Berlin for years now, has been working on building a new airport Berlin Brandenburg, it has been labelled a ‘Fiasco!’ I always book my flights via  Skyscanners

During my last ‘expat getaway’ I visited London and travelled by plane, this time I am going by train! For expats who live in Amsterdam, the train just departs from Amsterdam Central Station and ends at the Hauptbahnhof. I’ve booked my tickets via NS International, the journey takes a little over 6 hours. However given the time that you normally spend checking in on flights, and getting to an from the airport the city. I prefer the longer more relaxing train to get to Berlin...

Hostel - Warschauer Straße

I am staying in the Industriepalast Hostel at the Warschauer Straße, it is central and they have good bikes so that we can cycle around! Which of course, by now, you are great at!

What is your favourite expat weekend getaway?

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