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Expat weekend getaway – Giethoorn

Expat weekend getaway - Giethoorn 

My dad recently had his 70th (!) birthday… Of course, this is something to celebrate! What to give to a person who already has everything? Memories! My British expat boyfriend came up with this brilliant plan to go to Giethoorn..! Also called the ‘Venice of the Netherlands’. 

To be honest, I was a bit hesitant, I was afraid that it would be a tourist trap instead of a nice weekend away with the (expat) family in the Netherlands. 

So what did we do? 


The weather during the weekend was amazing! Warm and sunny so we rented a ‘fluisterbootje’ (whisper boat). It is a boat which goes super slow.. But you don’t need a license for it. We rented it for the whole day and went with it through Giethoorn and a small beach where we could swim and play (I have 2 small nephews).

Watching tourists sail a boat

This was a surprise but actually the best entertainment ever! Since everybody is allowed to rent a boat and sail it, for all of the good ‘captains’ comes all of the bad... Giethoorn has a lot of bridges and other boats so you have to be able to sail straight… For some people, this is quite a challenge… my recommendation. Sit a junction and watch the tourists… your sides will hurt from laughing! 

Am I from a Dutch family…? 

In general with the Dutch, it is not that we have a lot of snacks or food lying around in the house in case we have a guest and they should get something nice... But..my family we can eat! My mom brought lunch for on the boat (I mean.. Still Dutch bringing your own food :)... Saturday evening we had a great ‘surprise dinner’(it was a surprise by the chef) at Grand Café Fanfare. 

Giethoorn..to go or not to go? As an expat living in the Netherlands, I think you should definitely pay a visit! It is just a 1-hour drive from Amsterdam!

Veel plezier in Hollands Venetië!

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