Dutch cheapness – To the bottom of the bottle..

To the bottom of the bottle...

The jar is empty.. but is it Dutch empty?

It’s often said that the Dutch are cheap..uhm I mean thrifty...so naturally, it’s like that its’ something that you’ll experience early on when you arrive in the Netherlands as an expat. Well that and just how much we love dairy. So how much are those things true you might say?  

I don’t want to give it away,  but you might say it reaches to the bottom…

Combining thriftiness and dairy, I hear you thinking... How do the Dutch manage to do that?

We invented the ‘flessenlikker’. A ‘flessenlikker’ is composed out of 2 words:

  1. “Flessen” - which simply means “bottles” (or bottle in this case).
  2. “Likker” - means “licking”, or in this case a ‘free’ translation, a “scraper”

Tadaa… it is a bottle scraper!

We use it to ‘scrape’ thicker liquids, like yoghurt or 'vla' (a Dutch kind of custard) from a bottle or sometimes a carton. The round part of the scraper is used to scrape the round ends of the bottle and the flat end is used for the carton. You can buy a ‘flessenlikker’ or sometimes referred to as ‘flessenschraper’ at the Hema.

And with that, enjoy your scraping. Instead of an expat in the Netherlands, you’re now Dutch!

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