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Traditional Dutch food (part 2) – As an expat, you’ll either love it or hate it!

Traditional Dutch food (part 2) -  As an expat, you’ll either love it or hate it!

Two weeks ago I posted an article on ‘Traditional Dutch food' and the things you should try as an expat living in the Netherlands. I believe everybody loves food and snacks like ‘bitterballen’ and ‘stroopwafels’ but there are also some things you might want to skip... 

1. Raw herring

Okay, I am not a great fish fan at all, so raw herring?! I think eating a raw herring with pickles and onions is the most disgusting thing ever! People really like to eat it in a disgusting way as well. Put it high up in the air (hold it at the tail) and eat if from the bottom... Ugh..! Why?! This is a skip for me! 

2. Snert 

Really not for summer! It is a heavy dish, perfect when it is cold outside or after ice skating. Snert is the Dutch version of pea soup, it is a thick green stew of split peas, celery, onions and leeks. You should top it off with a big ‘Unox Rookworst’. How do you know you have good ‘Snert’ (or sometimes referred to as ‘erwtensoep’? If you stick your spoon in the middle it will stay straight for a little while (that is how thick it should be). 

3. Kibbeling

Kibbeling is battered and deep-fried chunks of cod. One thing is for sure, it doesn’t look as bad as raw herring. Again, for me not a favourite, but it is deep fried with a mayonnaise herb sauce...and that makes almost everything more edible. What do you think?

4. Stamppot

Again not a dish for this time of the year… but stamppot (mash pot) is pretty nice on a cold winter day! Stamppot is a made of potatoes mashed with other vegetables (like carrots, onion, kale), we put a lot on our plate (and make a kind of ‘mountain’ out of it). In the middle of the ‘mountain’, we make a ‘crater’ in which we put some thick gravy. As an expat in the Netherlands… I would suggest to give it a try (in winter time!) as an expat in the Netherlands!

5. Dutch liquorice 

I absolutely love drop (liquorice)! The saltier the better! When I was living as an expat in Singapore I brought a big bag (1kg… no joke!) back so that there was enough for everyone… guess what? I think I ate 90% myself... The other 10% ended up in the bin after my colleagues had a couple of chews on them…
Still want to try it but a less intense version? Go for the sweeter version 😉 

6. Indonesische Rijsttafel 

Probably only if you like spicy.. (or ask for a less spicy version).. I love rijsttafel.. It is Indonesian food adjusted to the Dutch taste. We have quite some Indonesian influences (Indonesia used to be a colony of the Netherlands). I love a good rijsttafel (rice table) it is often a mix and match of Indonesian food… and guess what? You eat it with rice… 😛

7. Tompouce

To be honest, I don’t understand why people are so into them... It is a rectangular pastry filled with cream with a layer of smooth pink (or orange with Kingsday) icing on top. I prefer a 'Moorkop' (a pastry also with cream on the inside but chocolate on the outside)... They are so filling that you can skip a meal after it!

8. Oliebollen

Same as the 'tompouce'... I don’t understand the fuzz around it. It is like a deep fried sweet dumpling (if you choose the ‘krenten’ version- it will contain currants). Go for the 'appelflap' instead, a pastry filled with apple, cinnamon and currants!. 

As an expat living in the Netherlands. What do you think is the Dutch dish/food to skip? 

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