Gay pride for expats

LGTBQ expat? You are very welcome in the Netherlands!

LGTBQ expat? You are very welcome in the Netherlands!

Maybe this is one of the things which makes me proud of being Dutch! We are very open towards LGTBQ (of course I am leaving that odd person out).

For instance, when I was living in Singapore, same-sex relationships are not recognized under the law. Once a year we had the pink dot festival supporting people be they gay just everyone actually... But the number of people going there was still very limited back then. Same-sex sexual activity is even illegal in Singapore (even if consensual and committed in private), occasionally people even get you can even get prosecuted for being gay.

Lucky here in the Netherlands we celebrate love! Same-sex or not and it is big!! This is going to be my first gay-pride in the Netherlands since I think 10 years or something (I have to say the ones in Berlin are great too!) 

I think it will be similar to Kingsday, so take your cash (otherwise you queue for a long time), wear your walking shoes and of course a gay pride supporting t-shirt and outfit! Drink rainbows, eat rainbows, be a rainbow! 

Veel plezier!

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