Gyms and staying fit

Gyms & staying fit in the Netherlands

Gyms and staying fit in the Netherlands

Although we Dutch cycle a lot. It doesn’t mean we don’t have to work-out to stay fit! Cheese, kroketten and stroopwafels are not the most diet-friendly foods!

There are several gym chains in the Netherlands like Basic-Fit (152 gyms), as the name suggests it is very basic. There are also others like Fit for free (88 gyms), Anytime Fitness (63 gyms), Curves (51 gyms) and Fitland (40 gyms). David Lloyd is an international chain and whilst it has just 7 gyms in the Netherlands it is seen as a luxury gym. It has besides a gym and classes also facilities like a swimming pool, tennis courts and saunas.

Of course, depending on where you live, there are plenty of other gyms, yoga studios, boxing schools etc


Personally, I like to do a variety of sports ranging from weight lifting, to yoga, boxing and now and then trampolining 🙂

This is why the app OneFit is the go-to app for me! (Sorry currently it is only available in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag and Utrecht). The app gives you access to several gyms for a fixed price €65 in Amsterdam and €55 in the other cities. Get  €20 discount on your first month, click on this link.

In Amsterdam, for instance, there are 268 gyms, studios and other health locations connected. You can visit every gym for a maximum of 4 times a month. Finally, you are limited to 3 sessions via OneFita day (I mean how many sports do you want to do?)

OneFit is definitely more expensive compared to a standard gym like Basic-Fit (€20 euros a month). But for the diversity, location options and social aspect for me really worth it.


For the real ‘athletes’ you also want to get your supplements. I buy them at the bodyenfitshop.

Sportse! (‘Slang: Happy gyming)

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