International Companies in Amsterdam

International companies in Amsterdam

Jobs in Amsterdam with international companies

If you are a job seeker looking for a job with an international company in Amsterdam, you should be happy to hear that more than 15% of all the jobs that are available in Amsterdam are from international companies. Amsterdam being the business hub for the Netherlands. It hosts to over 2,700 different international companies.

The Netherlands attracts international companies because it wants to maintain a multicultural workforce and for that gives corporate firms good tax conditions.

A large number of international companies belonging to various countries like United States, United Kingdom and Asia have established their offices in Amsterdam. While increasing business in the fields of IT, finance and business, sales and marketing and even creative sectors.

As of 2018, as many as 42 different companies opened an office in the Netherlands, accounting for the creation of 2,000 new jobs. The NFIA (Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency) has revealed that 900 jobs will be created in Amsterdam owing to the decision made by the European Medicine Agency in the year 2017, to relocate from London to Amsterdam, owing to the exit of Britain from the EU.

And more businesses are coming.....

As revealed by the NFIA more than 250 businesses from all across the globe have communicated with them in order to facilitate the starting of a Dutch operation for these businesses, bringing over 72,000 new jobs. A huge number of different departments and fields are covered. These fields include banking, tax, finance, business, law, accountancy, logistics, design, scientific sectors, digital technology and environmental sectors, to name a few.


Amsterdam is also home to the third largest cargo airport in the world, the Schiphol airport and also the Port of Amsterdam. These ideal conditions make Amsterdam highly desirable for international companies and also makes the city a direct connection with the rest of Europe and in essence the entirety of the world.

'The Zuidas' and 'Bijlmer'

A large number of expats are known to be working in the sectors of business and finance in the city of Amsterdam. The business and finance district of the city, also known as 'The Zuidas' is home to over 700 different companies that include the likes of Accenture, Google, Boston Consulting, ING Group, ABN-AMRO, Rabobank, Akzo Nobel and Delta Lloyd.

Another business and financial district known as the 'Bijlmer' is home to another group of companies that delve in the fields of finance and business.

'The Amstel' and 'Amsterdam Arena'

The Philips headquarters, next to the Rembrandt tower is located near the Amstel railway station. Uber and LinkedIn are located in this area as well.  The Amsterdam Arena is also the job location of many expats. Regional headquarters belonging to a number of international companies that provide suitable jobs for the expat community are present in Amsterdam, with companies like Adidas, Cisco Systems and Tesla Motors being part of the list.

City centre and outside Amsterdam

Heineken, Booking.com and TomTom are international companies that have global headquarters in the city centre of Amsterdam. Other companies that provide jobs to the expat community in Amsterdam includes, Netflix, GoPro, Red Bull, WeWork, Shuttershock, and LinkedIn.
Other large international companies like Liberty Global (Schiphol), Royal Dutch Shell (Den Haag), IKEA (Leiden) KPMG (Amstelveen), LG (Amstelveen), ASM International (Almere), Nike (Hilversum) are located outside Amsterdam but looking for international talent as well.


Due to the decision taken by Britain, to leave the European Union after Brexit, as many as 4000 new jobs are promised to be created in the Netherlands. If we look at the statistics of the last year, you would be pleased to know that over 372 foreign companies have started their business in the Netherlands, creating almost 10,000 new jobs and having invested close to €2.85 billion.

Therefore, Amsterdam is an ideal place for you to look for jobs in the Netherlands.

Of course, there are also Dutch companies which are looking for English (or even another language) speaking colleagues. So in your job search don't limit yourself by looking only for roles at International companies.

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