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Make new friends :)

Making new friends

You’ve made the move, arranged everything and now the fun bit, you’re ready to make new friends! It might be scary at first. But we are all human right? What is the worst thing that can happen…? Believe me... Nothing! (Unless you really hate people, in which case, skip this step) Go out, meet people, make new friends! I will help you…!

Dutch people - make Dutch friends

Part of the experience of living in the Netherlands is hanging out with the Dutch. Yes we might have our flaws, being ‘cheap’ and sometimes a bit too direct. But our level of English is pretty good, we like to go out for drinks and have fun! And no don’t worry, we won’t wear our ‘klompen’ (wooden shoes) to the bar.

3-ways to make new Dutch friends easily

1. Sports

Join a local sports team or club; soccer, tennis and (field) hockey are one of the most popular sports in the Netherlands. Of course, there are also other ‘sports’ like fishing which (believe it or not) very popular. Join a local sports team and meet the Dutchies!

In Singapore, I joined a Dragon Boat team and made lots of friends!

2. Hobbies

Do you believe you already do enough sports by cycling every day? Are you into painting or do you have another hobby? Do a course, join a club, there is always space to get better, better yet,  it’s a great way to meet people.

3. Interests

Not into sports and not into painting? I don’t know maybe you are into ‘Bitcoins’. Meet people who have similar interests via a lecture or a seminar.

Meeting new people - my favourite platforms


Become a member of the group you are interested in can be related to sports, hobbies or interests. In the calendar of each group you can find upcoming events.

2. Facebook

I don’t think I have to explain Facebook. Do I?

3. Eventbrite

A good way to find interesting events nearby!

Done with the Dutch?

MeetUp and Facebook both have many expat groups. In that way you can meet other expats, it is also a way to connect to people from your home country who are staying in the Netherlands (might be nice from time to time too).

A new app is The bonjour app it is a brand new platform.  Via ‘bonjour’ you can meet expats, nomads & travellers.


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