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What is ‘Nederhop?’ – Dutch music

'Nederhop'- Dutch music explained for expats 

In my last post What about Dutch music? I already gave you a brief introduction into Dutch music. You might have heard your fellow expat friends talk about it: ‘Nederhop’.

What is 'Nederhop'?

'Nederhop' is a music style based on American hip hop music, it is actually a form of Dutch rap (including all the swearing). It started in the late ‘70’s but the music back then wasn’t very popular. This because Dutch artists (freely) translated English rap music to Dutch ‘Nederhop’?

For instance “Ik ga weg Leen” from Dingetje which sounds a lot like “Cocaine In My Brain” from Dillinger. Back then, ‘Nederhop’ wasn’t exactly everyones thing....

So, who are famous Nederhop artists?

I hope I am not insulting anyone, because to be honest, I’m not exactly a Nederhop enthusiast!. I believe that Nederhop really became famous because of Osdorp Posse (Osdorp is an area in New-West Amsterdam - Posse - means a group (not ‘real Dutch’, actually stolen from American cowboys).

According to 3FM a well known Dutch radio station the top 3 ultimate 'Nederhop' classics are:

  1. Spraakwater by Extince
  2. Origineel Amsterdams by Osdorp Posse (about ‘original’ Amsterdam language)
  3. Watskeburt?! by De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig (to be honest I really like this song :P)

In my opinion, 'Nederhop' is really ‘developing’ itself. You have a wide range of 'Nederhop' now and I really enjoy listening to artists like Gers Pardoel.

As an expat in the Netherlands, do you have an opinion on 'Nederhop'? Love it or hate it? There is an extended list of 'Nederhop' on Spotify

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