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I already hear you thinking… no, not another blogger.. there are already 2 billion bloggers. To make it even worse, I am not a real good writer anyways. So why do I waste my time writing this? I do believe I have a message, a story and hopefully good advice to share.

I hope that I (together with others) can help you by giving you some direction and, here and there some advice.

So this still doesn’t answer the question…..

I am Rianne Reitsma, I am 33 years young, Dutch girl, living together with my British boyfriend (called Jamie) in Amsterdam. I've lived in Istanbul (6 months), Berlin (2 years) and Singapore (>3 years). And I have travelled a lot! I love to be surrounded by people with different backgrounds and cultures, which means I hang-out quite a bit with other expats.

So how can you help me?

Although living abroad is a great adventure and experience. It is challenging at times as well. You used to by X at store Z... where do you buy X now, can you actually buy X here? How to make new friends? But also small things like, where to buy a bike?

I want to help you out... !

Do you have a question?

Let me know! Get in touch or send me an email at rianne@ri-direction.com!

Ons verhaal

Who are you?

Are you a (future) expat and you have a question?

Are you an ex-expat or are you someone you would like to share a story?

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