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'Expat friendly' kickboxing training

Leroy or 'Spallys' is a really good trainer! He looks tough, but he is super nice and friendly too!

About Spallys

My name is Leroy Spalburg and I had my first encounter with kickboxing in the late nineties. Ever since that first time, I have become addicted to this beautiful and versatile sport. I soon became fascinated by the history of kickboxing, the many different styles it has and the high level at which many Dutch kickboxing gyms operate. Where most people strive to become fighters and get into the ring, I mostly enjoy training other people and teaching them what I know. It is my own personal challenge to learn as many techniques as possible. After a start at Vos Gym Amsterdam, I soon started to look beyond my own gym and started training at other gyms too. And in 2008 (Phuket) and 2016 (Koh Samui), I went to Thailand to learn the Thai way of training and develop myself further.

Welcome to Spallys!

Are you looking to get started with kickboxing? Or do you already have (some) kickboxing experience and are you looking for a trainer that will be able to challenge you technically, physically and mentally? Then you have come to the right place! Kickboxing has become increasingly popular as a recreational sport over the past couple of years. At Spallys, I offer group training and personal training sessions at different locations around Amsterdam, like Eastbound Gym in Amsterdam East. As a certified trainer, I like to focus on the technical, Dutch style of kickboxing and I strive to make all of my clients more skilled in this beautiful sport. Kickboxing is physically and mentally challenging, but, most importantly, it is a lot of fun! So, what are you waiting for? See you soon!

Spallys offers group and private kickboxing training. For more information visit the website. 


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