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How to start a successful job search?

It is job hunting time! As you could read in the article 'International Companies in Amsterdam', the job market in Amsterdam and the rest of the Netherlands is booming! Let's get to work:

Searching for jobs in the Netherlands

Your search for jobs in the Netherlands has been made because of some brilliant websites. LinkedIn is my absolute favourite. However, I do suggest that you upload your resume on the other platforms as well. In that way, you are not only looking for a job recruiters and companies can find you too!


  • 'follow' companies that you find interesting on LinkedIn. Do the same for companies in your field of work. If they have interesting job postings you will be the first one to know. It might also be worth it to get a premium account (the first month is for free).
  • Change your settings and let recruiters know that you are 'open to opportunities'. Go to me> settings & privacy> job seeker preferences >let recruiters know you are open to opportunities.
  • Connect to professionals in your field and start 'networking' on LinkedIn as well.
  • Once you find a cool job. Check if you have any connections working here. If so, they can often 'recommend' you (either via the platform or in person).

Other platforms;

    • Freelance specialisten; (Dutch), jobs for freelancers.
    • ICTerGezocht and JouwICTvacature; if you are looking for a job in IT.
    • Indeed; is an international vacancy platform with always a lot of vacancies online. There are some 'English' vacancies, it might be a good idea to search for 'English' (or your own native language) in the search bar as well.
    • Intermediair; jobs for higher educated (bachelor, master and PhD).
    • Nationale Vacaturebank; have some English vacancies.
    • Undutchables; lots of international jobs for non-Dutch speakers.
    • WERK; a website from the government (or to be precise from the UWV and 'gemeente' (municipality)). There is an English part of the website as well.
    • ; mainly Dutch but definitely worth a visit. It might give you some ideas on interesting companies as well.

Start networking

Networking is a great way to meet new people and to surround yourself with people who are working in the same industry. You can find networking groups on LinkedIn (type in the search bar a keyword>more>groups), Facebook and MeetUp.

Meet new people and tell them for what kind of job you are looking (and please don't be ashamed about being unemployed, there is no reason for that!). Believe me, in general people really like to help each other.

Recruitment agencies

Amsterdam is filled with recruitment agencies which can help you with finding your dream job. Both temporary and permanent positions are available with these agencies. Adecco and Kelly services are amongst some of the most famous recruitment agencies that can be found in the city, with the availability of a number of jobs that are perfect for non-Dutch speakers. I have listed some of the best recruitment agencies (some are only online) in the Netherlands. These include:

  1. Randstad
  2. New People
  3. Unique
  4. Madison Parker
  5. Blue Lynx
  6. Corecruitment
  7. Abroad Experience
  8. Hospitality Online
  9. Huxley
  10. Projob
  11. Adams Recruitment
  12. Octagon
  13. WKL Consultancy


The Dutch labour market has this brilliant service offering public employment, known as UWV. You can find several branches of UWV all over the city, and through a vast network with employment agencies and partner sites, terrific jobs can be found here. UWV also provides insight into the tips and tricks to find jobs in the Netherlands.

As mentioned above UWV WERK is a great place to start your job search. You can either drop by personally to inquire about the jobs or look at them through the online site. The information is available in a number of languages and your desired job can be easily found if you start using the correct keywords.

Try taking initiative

It is always valued if you as an applicant is taking initiative in trying to prove your worthiness for a particular job. It shows passion and dedication to a particular company. Therefore, if all else fails, try taking this last recourse. Contact a person from the company that you wish to apply to (preferably somebody belonging to the recruiting or managerial team) and express to them your desire of joining their firm. While meeting this contact remember to format your CV and cover letter according to local tastes and styles. Mentioning your interests and hobbies go really well with Dutch employers.

Succes!!! (Good Luck!)

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