Expat friendly Dutch language

The Dutch language, should you learn it or not?

The Dutch language, should you learn it or not? 

Let's assume you are an expat living in the Netherlands or soon will be.. You are planning to stay here for a while, not forever but at least a couple of years. Should you invest time (and money) in learning Dutch? Some people call it a ‘dead language’.  I prefer to call it a ‘secret language’. 

Who speaks Dutch? 

Well obviously the Dutch (people living in the Netherlands speak Dutch) besides that Dutch is spoken in Belgium (it is actually ‘Flemish’). For most people living in Surinam, it’s their native language. Besides that on the islands which belong to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Curacao, Aruba and Bonaire they speak Dutch too. In Indonesia, some people still speak Dutch and if South Africans speak ‘Afrikaans’ we can understand them 🙂

Do I need Dutch to survive? 

For that, I would say no, there are enough people in the Netherlands who speak English to help you out. Although people like a ‘goede morgen’ (good morning) or fijne dag (have a nice day) in their own language in the Netherlands. Especially in Amsterdam, people are very used to speaking English. 

So should I learn it? 

I would say yes! It is a great way to meet other people, learn more about the Dutch culture as well and the Dutchies will really appreciate it too! Besides that, it will help you to understand signs on the street, menus in restaurants and you can (after a while) at least get the topic someone speaks about or gossips about :P) 

Where should I get my Dutch lessons? 

Okay just to be up-front about this! I don’t get paid for this and I don’t have ‘stocks’ in Koentact, first of all, Koen Gijzel is just a great guy! So he is for sure ‘expat friendly’ approved! I’ve helped out at the ‘language cafe’ before, at the language cafe you get the opportunity to practice your new language in a judgemental free and fun environment. So besides learning a new language, you will make new friends and maybe the most important thing… have a lot of fun!

Koen started Koentact because he has a passion for meeting and connecting with new and interesting people. And to be honest, I am a little jealous of this guy… he speaks like 6 (!) languages (wow!) and NO he doesn’t have a big head! 

Wanneer heb jij je eerste Nederlanse les?

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