Watch your belongings

FF- Watch your belongings

FF- No license? No life! No phone... Even worse!

Every other Friday I tell you one of my ‘Fuck-ups’. Hopefully, this saves you from some super awkward and embarrassing moments.

A couple of weeks ago I was in London. I was ordering drinks at the bar and my phone was in my jacket. I have my bank card and driving license in such a useful cardholder stuck to my phone. I mean super useful right? The only thing you have to think about is bringing your phone...and let’s be serious... nobody can live without a phone these days right?! I think you can already guess what happened? My phone was stolen… and of course, with that my bank card and driving license were no more.

Okay… That sucks! I mean that really sucks!! But, apparently, someone needed it more than me.

At the time, all I thought was this is super annoying, but it’s only money and I have insurance and nobody died. It was all so ‘easy’ to replace and all my pictures, contacts and so on are backed up to ‘the Cloud’... Everything was fine… until I remembered I had a German driving license (my Dutch driving license needed renew when I was living in Berlin) now that had been stolen in London… I called the RDW ( ‘Rijksdienst voor het Wegverkeer’ - Civil service for road transport), Municipality of Berlin and of Amsterdam, the Dutch embassy, visit the Municipality of Amsterdam (again). Every instance was pointing to each other.. I needed a proof from Germany that I had a license in Germany, Germany said the RDW had it… I was about to slam my head against the wall.

Now I’ve applied for it all… Fingers crossed that in 10 working days I have a driving license again.

Lesson learned, in a big city ALWAYS keep an eye on your belongings. Are you moving somewhere? Get a ‘local’ license... Way less hassle to get it replaced..!

I do have to say... A couple of days without a phone is pretty nice, but you really find out how dependent you are on that little square device.

Let op je spullen! (Watch your belonings)

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