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Your first Dutch Friend!

Your first Dutch friend!

A quick introduction:

My name is Rianne, 33 years young, Dutch, currently living in Amsterdam. I've lived in Istanbul (6 months), Berlin (2 years), Singapore (>3 years). And... dating a super cool Brit called Jamie!

At the moment I am in between jobs and to be honest.... I just miss the expat life. Being surrounded by people with all different cultural backgrounds and stories. I really believe that it broadens your horizons and view on life (equality, empathy etc).

How can I help you?

I would like to help expats who are planning to move or who just moved to the Netherlands. This is why I would like to know:

What are YOUR struggles when moving to the Netherlands?

It can be anything from opening a bank account to finding new friends, to ..I don't know.. knowing what is the cheapest grocery store is. I will find out the answers and write about it on my website: https://ri-direction.com

How can YOU help others?

Already settled (or maybe a Dutchie as well) and you want to help others? Get in touch with me via rianne@ri-direction.com. So that your stories and tips can be shared! Together we can help and empower each other to explore this beautiful world!!!

An expat but not in the Netherlands?

Great! I do believe all expats have similar characteristics like; curiosity, flexibility and they like adventures. Maybe you are not an expat in the Netherlands or a Dutchie, but you still would like to share your story and inspire others to "be brave and explore this beautiful world". Get in touch!

Hope to hear from you soon <3 !

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